Now Enrolling students for the 2016-2017 School Year

What Arkansas Arts Academy is:

A 100% Tuition Free Public Charter Arts School.

We are a place that:

  • Allows you to express your art, whatever it is (and teaches you how to do it better!)
  • Stresses Academics (College Prep all the way!)
  • Teaches you to be a better artist, singer, instrumentalist, technician, scholar, musician, dancer, person
  • Teaches you to appreciate the arts
  • Teaches you to appreciate others
  • Teaches you respect
  • Teaches you compassion
  • Holds you to a higher standard.
  • Allows you to shine in your own individual way.
  • Allows you to fit in (there is a place here for everyone)
  • Gives you a venue to perform

What we are not:

  • A place to stay in the shadows
  • A place to escape the pressure of accountability
  • A place to just get by studying a little (We are College Prep!)
  • A place to not participate in the arts (after all, we are an Art School!)
  • A place to sit back and watch the action, you will be expected to be in the middle of it
  • A place to take the bare minimum classes. (We require more core classes than some)

If you fit this criteria please consider joining us. We know we are not for everyone, but we have something for almost everyone. We are not easy.  Just try balancing your daily studies and your artistic endeavors at once!

We will teach you organizational skills and how to succeed in life. We don’t just teach you to be artists, we teach to be good citizens. We teach the appreciation of the arts. We teach people. We love what we do, and it shows.

Arkansas Arts Academy

Where students come to AspireAchieve, and Advance in their own dreams!