High School Schedule Changes

If you have filled out a course change request or emailed a request for a change in courses:

Ms. Padgett is in the process of reviewing and changing what can be changed. She is prioritizing core graduation requirement classes first, then other graduation requirement classes, and then elective changes. We will be able to serve the students better if people refrain from making duplicate requests through emails or phone calls; duplicate requests do not guarantee a faster response and slows the process down.

Students will continue with the schedule they have in hand until they receive a new schedule. If all the classes on a student's schedule were on the their course request sheet (even as an alternate choice), it is not likely that a change will be made. Any course change requests made to me will immediately be routed to Ms Padgett; she must approve all changes.

We appreciate your patience through this process and we will work diligently to resolve any errors on student schedules!