Message from Mary: EMS Drop-Off/Pick-Up

Dear Family Members and Pick-Up Friends,

First and foremost, thank you for the honor of instructing your students. We know that transportation can be a challenge and I appreciate so much what you do to bring your children to Arkansas Arts Academy. I am getting reports that children are in danger on 12th Street due to parents parking and having the students walk to them instead of driving through the car line. I was at the crossing for one of the pick-ups this week. Our car line is actually pretty efficient! I know it may take a few more minutes to get through but it allows for better safety for all students. 

I am going to share a personal story with you. Many years ago when I was a young teacher I was also a nationally ranked triathlete and had just finished 6th in the Nice France World Championship Triathlon. I was working a middle school dance and had the responsibility of seeing that all students were picked up after the dance. One of the parents that night had a new car and shifted wrong. Her car went up onto the sidewalk, struck me in the legs, and my head crashed through her back window.  My skull and nose were broken and my mouth was ripped from the glass. That day my triathlon career was ruined because the accident messed up my peripheral vision and made racing my bike too dangerous. 

Please, accidents happen fast and we can't go back to change them. Please avoid using 12th Street and instead use the car line to pick up your students.

Thank you,

Mary Ley