Help Needed at K8 Campus

If you are able to help us with any of the following services please contact the office.  Our PTA has organized a list of teacher request and building needs that we will list weekly in the parent update.  Thanks!


  1. Someone with a rotary tool with a diamond-tipped grinding wheel is needed to sharpen the school’s paper cutter:  This is easy to do and directions can be found at:
  2. Someone to fix the ceiling fan pull switch in room 110 (new pull chain is already purchased)
  3. Someone to fix the shelves on the exterior sign with the changing letters.  Teacher believes it needs glue or caulking; letters keep falling through.
  4. Someone to remove the concrete from the spinning toy on the playground (safety issue)
  5. Someone to haul away/fix broken chairs and equipment from the gym.
  6.  Someone to build 2 cello storage racks (basic carpentry); picture can be found at:
  7.   Someone with screwdriver/bit to remove gallery rods from storage room in gym and reattach in Ms. Johannesdottir’s room.  Very simple task.
  8.  Someone to move file cabinets and shelving from storage room in gym to teacher classrooms.
  9.         Someone to build 2 rolling/mobile white boards with storage (basic carpentry).