Message from Mary - Our Future

Dear Parents/Guardians:

I have never been so optimistic about Arkansas Arts Academy. Thanks to Mrs. Kent putting in a strong structure as well as our talented teachers, we are attracting some of the top principal candidates in the area. Next year, our school will be a museum initiative school. Crystal Bridges will be our flagship museum, and we are now partners with: The Walmart Museum, Amazeum, Compton Gardens and Peel Mansion, Rogers Historical, Pea Ridge National Military Park, Shiloh Museum of Ozark History, and Museum of Native American History. All museum visits will be aligned to the curriculum and each museum visit will align to specific art at Crystal Bridges. The visits will be more than tours, they will be interactive and hands on.

We have also started an arts advisory with Crystal Bridges, Trike Theatre, 21C Art Hotel, Arkansas Public Theatre at the Victory, Symphony of Northwest Arkansas, The Classical Edge Theatre, Community Creative Center, and the Walton Arts Center.  We will be collaborating with all of these organization to develop deeper arts programming during and after school.

To align even deeper with Crystal Bridges we want to be known as the American School of Art.  We want to introduce a strong arts curriculum where our students understand the history, different styles, and skills of past and present American artists. 

I hope you continue to choose Arkansas Arts Academy.  We are meeting with leaders from all areas of Northwest Arkansas to become a nationally and highly respected arts schools where all students are welcomed and celebrated.

Please come see me if you have any questions or want to dream with us.

Best regards,
Mary Ley

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