High School Yearbooks

Dear Parents and Students,

     As of today we have sold only 20 yearbooks at the High School level.  If we do not sell 100 or more yearbooks this year we will no longer publish a hardcover yearbook from now on due to the time and cost involved.

      Last year the District lost $4,000 in order for us to publish the High School Yearbook.   The yearbook cannot be a money loser, so if we do not sell 100  or more yearbooks this year we will discontinue offering this to our students next year.

      If you wish  for us to publish a High School yearbook please take the time and order one before January 10th.  This is when I will make the final decision. regarding next years book.

      As of right now, this does not affect the K8 yearbook.  The cost to publish the yearbook at the high school level is $35 and we sell it for $35.  I have researched this and bartered with the yearbook companies and found that this is the lowest price that I can get considering the size of our student body. 

The High School yearbooks are available online at the following website:



Thank you for considering our yearbook.  Once again, as of right now this does not affect the K8 yearbook which can be purchased from Mrs. Carpenter or Mrs. Swilley.

 For K8 yearbooks contact: rcarpenter@artsk12.org.


Eddie Smith



high School Yearbook Advisor