Dear Parents/Guardians,

The Arkansas Department of Education approved Arkansas Arts Academy for five (5) Alternate Method of Instruction (AMI) days to use when the district is closed for inclement weather. This means students will not have to make up a snow day if they do an assigned lesson at home. Please read the bullets below to see how this works:

  • Students in grades 6-12 will need to click on this link to bring up their lesson. The first lesson will count for two snow days. The science portion will count for one day and the arts portion will count as the 2nd day. If we only have one day, the student only needs to complete the science portion.
    6-12 Snow Science link:
    These links are view only links.
    To make an editable copy, click on File. Then click on Make a Copy.
    Add your name to the file name at the top.
    Complete the assignment.
    Once finished, click on File. Then click on email as attachment and email your completed work to your advisory or homeroom teacher.
  • Students in grades K-5 will be taking their lesson home with them tomorrow, January 10, Thursday – please look for it in their folders or backpacks. In case it is lost, click on this link.
    K5 Snow Science link:
    Same instructions as above
  • The lessons are a family education activity. We encourage parents to read or assist the students in any way.
  • If for some reason a student cannot complete the assignment they have 15 days beyond the specific snow day to show the work has been completed.
  • K—8 students will turn in their completed work to their homeroom teacher, 9-12 students will turn it into their advisory teacher.
  • If a student does not show completed work the snow day will be counted as an unexcused absence.
  • If we need more than 5 days we are allowed to ask the state for 5 additional AMI days. If they would decline then we would make snow day 6-10 April 19-23, the first week of the 2 week April break.

Other Snow Day Information

If Rogers School District closes for inclement weather Arkansas Arts Academy closes. We use their large transportation service to help us determine our decision. We serve 18 communities. If the district in your community calls for a snow day your child will be excused from our school if we are still in session. Please let the registrar know. The K-8 number is 479-877-1764, the 9-12 number is 479-877-1796.

Safety always comes first.

Thank you for choosing Arkansas Arts Academy!
Mary Ley
Arkansas Arts Academy