Dear Parents,

I want to wish you a relaxing and enjoyable three day weekend.  I wish you had the privilege to walk up and down the halls to see your great children interacting with our great staff.  I can say with confidence our staff is giving 100%, and everyone on the staff is here to support your children.  This has been an amazing week to see kids get to go to the Community Creative Center to work alongside professional artists, watch students ride bikes, hear music pouring out in the halls, and see 144 AAA family members attend our first night at the museum. There is more to come, soon you will hear about new additional partnerships and new initiatives that will strengthen our art focus.

There is so much to celebrate and sometimes there are things that might even concern or seem stressful to you.  Remember, my office is always open to visit with you, and my email is for you to use.  I can’t always guarantee I can make everyone happy, but I can guarantee that I give 100% of my soul to continue to elevate Arkansas Arts Academy to national prominence.  Let’s team this initiative together – let’s make it happen.

Most important, we appreciate you choosing Arkansas Arts Academy.  Have a great weekend!

Mary Ley