Registration Deadline: August 7 
Test Date: September 12

September is a great time for your child to take the ACT®.

The ACT is the only college entrance exam with a September test date—the earliest testing opportunity for the school year. 
Your child will have scores in time for most early college admissions decisions, financial aid, and scholarship applications. 
If you and your child feel there is room for improvement, there is still time to retest in October.

Did you know . . .

The ACT is accepted by all US colleges and universities. 
The ACT test score is based on the number of correct answers—no points deducted for guessing. 
The ACT writing test is optional—not all colleges and universities require a writing test for admission. 
It’s the nation’s #1 college entrance exam. 
Your child will receive personalized career information based on strengths, weaknesses, and interests.